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Important: You should use established resources for clinical decisions. I am not an “expert” in drug interactions; I have just spent a lot of time looking things up and like to organize information. Also, there are many inherent sources of uncertainty about drug interaction data, and many types of interactions besides the metabolic ones organized on the ddiPad (more on that in my talk!). However, I think the ddiPad is a good place to start in considering potential drug interactions that could cause problems, and in looking for causes of unexpected symptoms or lack of drug effectiveness.

ddiPad thumbnailDownload ddiPad ver 1/19/19
Please see printing instructions below! 


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Important printing instructions!

  • When you click Print from Adobe Reader, make sure that “Page Scaling” is set to “None”! See the setting circled in yellow:
    Page Scaling should say None!
  • Please do not use a photocopier to duplicate the ddiPad–it will be difficult to read!
  • After clicking Print from Adobe Reader, click “Properties” by your printer name to see if your printer supports duplexing (an example of one that does is below). If so, select “Flip Pages Up” (or “Print on Short Side” if that’s available).
    Printer properties -> print on both sides -> flip pages up!
    Otherwise you can manually print the back page upside-down by printing only page 1, then feeding the page back in the manual feed before printing page 2.


Troubleshooting downloading

  • Clicking the download link usually opens the ddiPad in Adobe Reader directly.
  • If not, it may instead be downloaded to your computer. In this case, you need to double-click on the file in your “Downloads” window or in the location where your browser saves downloaded files on your computer.
  • See an error like “File Type Unknown”? You’ll need to download and install Adobe Reader by clicking here:
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