Gratuitous drug interaction metaphor describes website performance improvement

gratuitous use of appealing meta-clockSince changing web hosting services, the speed of went up greater than blood levels of lamotrigine after the addition of divalproex to a drug regimen…and without the possibility of a deadly hemorrhagic rash!

Now that the site is usable (both to readers and authors), soon there will be more content and, eventually, a formal site launch!

[Read more…] will soon be moving at the speed of inhibition!

Are you tired of taking as long to load a link as it takes oxcarbazepine to induce CYP3A4? Well, soon, will be on a much faster host and you won’t dread using it! This will also encourage the completion of many half-written posts, so there will be more to click!

PS: I almost wrote “stay tuned!” but then realized how anachronistic this would be. More appropriate would be “check your RSS aggregator regularly…” is up!

ddiPad thumbnailAs promised, you can now download the newest version of the ddiPad via the “GET DDIPAD” link here at! If you don’t feel like dragging your pointer all the way up to the menu bar above, you can click the picture on the right instead.

Coming soon will be instructions on using the ddiPad, and an ever-growing body of (hopefully) interesting and useful cases, news, and references!

Feel free to remind me to stop hacking backend code and get back to making content by leaving feedback 🙂