Useful apps on sale for limited time! English-Spanish Medical Dictionary and iTranslate Voice, both for iOS devices

I recommend grabbing these apps for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) as quickly as possible!

medical Spanish app icon#1: English-Spanish Medical Dictionary: FREE for a limited time! Just does English/Spanish, but has a medical focus. Usually costs $4.99.


iTranslate app icon#2: iTranslate Voice: $0.99 (introductory price). Translate among many languages with this app, using a Star Trek-style interface: speak to it in one language, listen to it speak the translation in another language! It uses speech recognition software by Nuance (who make the excellent Dragon Naturally Speaking desktop software), and early reviews are already very positive.

Notes about the above links:

  • If you click the links from an iPhone/iPad, it will take you to the App Store for download. Hopefully the download button will still say the price I stated above (“FREE” for #1, “$0.99” for #2). Just tap that button, which changes to “INSTALL” (then tap that).
  • If you click the links on any other device, it will take you to Apple’s web site where you can read more about it, but you can download it only if you have iTunes installed on that computer.

Good hunting [for low-priced apps]!